Creation of a Website

A mockup of the site


How to create a website that targets women but features degree programs historically filled by men? This site needed to encourage women to major in STEM degrees and also offer support to help them stay in school and graduate. It also needed to look modern and hip.


Use bright, feminine colors, avatar images of women in confident poses, lots of positive calls to action, and clear branding throughout the site. Include videos of real women in STEM careers who have overcome struggles similar to the women visiting the site.


This is a site that encourages women to pursue Information Technology degrees at ACC, so that they can graduate and work in well-paying, high-demand careers. The information is clearly laid out and easy to find and the branding is consistent throughout the site.

Screenshot of Home page.
Screenshot of Careers page.
Screenshot of Support & Services page.
Screenshot of Contact page.
Screenshot of Info Session page.
Screenshot of What is IT? page.
Screenshot of Careers-Programming page.
Screenshot of Prospective Students page.
Screenshot of Existing Students page.

Other Web Work

Image mockup of PWG Media website


Responsive redesign of an existing website, using Bootstrap 3. New site is a clean, modern, well-branded, one-page design.


This is a responsive website I did for Niagara Streaming Media, using Bootstrap 3. Product and contact information is easily accessible.

Online Glossary

This is a redesign of an existing glossary. I added navigation, hyperlinks and parallax images to make the glossary more functional.