Redesign of a website

A mockup of the redesigned site


A very dated-looking site that feels dark and heavy, has broken links, lacks hierchy in what is being communicated, and has too many pages that say similar things or that are no longer relevant.

Screenshot of old site home page, with annotations.


I identified parts of the site that could be improved. Also got feedback from the owners, in terms of preferred color palette, site architecture and "must-haves."

Here are wireframes with annotations that I did for the new site.

Wireframe of new Home page, with annotations.
Wireframe of new Solutions page, with annotations.
Wireframe of new Company page, with annotations.
Wireframe of new Products page, with annotations.
Wireframe of new Support page, with annotations.
Wireframe of new Contact page, with annotations.


The new site is clean and modern-looking, and important information is easy to find.

The product descriptions are in modal windows on the Products page, so that visitor does not have to leave the page to learn about products.

Screenshot of new Home page.
Screenshot of new Products page.
Screenshot of new Support Page
Screenshot of new Company Page
Screenshot of new Solutions Page
Screenshot of new Contact page

Other Web Work

Image mockup of ACC Women in IT website


For Women in IT at ACC program, using Divi WordPress.

Image mockup of PWG Media website


Responsive redesign of an existing website, using Bootstrap 3.

Online Glossary

Redesign, adding navigation, hyperlinks and parallax images.