Lorem Ipsum Booklet

Lorem Ipsum Booklet


This was an assignment in an advanced typography class - successfully lay out a large amount of type, and Lorem Ipsum could be used.


This came easy to me. I had an epiphany and decided to turn the assignment on it's head. Instead of creating a financial report or some other imaginary, long document, using Lorem Ipsum, I decided to make Lorem Ipsum the hero.

During my research, I discovered that "dummy type" actually had a history and came from a real treatice written in 45 BC. I also noticed that Zurb Foundation used a different form of Lorem Ipsum, called Bacon Ipsum. This made me wonder what other alternative Ipsums were available and upon investigation, I uncovered many, often humorous, substitutes for the traditional Latin version.

My original concept was to create a poster that could be folded into an smaller, accordian brochure. In addition to making Lorem Ipsum the topic, I also decided to make the blocks of text a design element.

A New Problem

This project was a lot of fun, but who was the audience? Was I communicating this concept in the best manner possible?

Lorem Ipsum Poster
Lorem Ipsum, version 1 — a foldable poster

The new solution and result

After stepping away from this project for a while, I had a new epiphany. Instead of a poster, why not make a booklet that could be an insert in a print magazine?

Here are spreads of the resulting booklet:

Cover Spread
Front and back covers
Pages 2-3
History of Lorem Ipsum
Pages 4-5
Hipster Ipsum
Pages 6-7
Beer Ipsum
Pages 8-9
Samuel L. Ipsum
Pages 10-11
Bacon Ipsum

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