An Invitation System

An invitation system for a beer tasting birthday party
An invitation system for a beer tasting birthday party


Create a thematic invitation system for a 50th birthday, beer tasting party. Include a save the date notice, an invitation, an rsvp card and a thank you card.


For research, I created moodboards. Pinterest is awesome for this, because you can quickly grab images than pull them onto an InDesign board. After creating moodboards, I sketched.

Through the process of creating moodboards and sketching, I zeroed in on my concept. I wanted a Victorian-influenced poster invitation and I wanted to feature different beer glasses. I also wanted the whole invitation system to be fun. I eventually chose Concept 2.

Moodboard for Concept 1
Moodboard for Concept 2
Moodboard for Concept 3
Sketches for Concept 1
Sketches for Concept 2
Sketches for Concept 3


The Save the Date announcement is a beer coaster. The Poster is printed on Gmund Bier Paper, which is paper containing wort, or brewer's spent grain. You can see the grain on the back of the paper. All the paper used for the invitation system has a toothy feel to it, and the colors are bright and cheery. The beer colors and the ribbon on the poster are sampled from actual varieties of beer, and I picked the blue to be complementary to the beer colors.

Cover Spread
Save the Date Beer Coasters
Pages 2-3
Poster Invitation
Pages 4-5
Pages 6-7
Thank You Card

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